2018 Summer Camps OPEN May 1st


Nerf Commando Camp

Boys & Girls 5 to 8 years of age

Half Days and Full Day Camps

Each camp is very unique we are always evolving working to make the best experience for your child. We adjust all games and training, depending on age, ensuring all activities are appropriate for all abilities.  Our goal is to ensure everyone has fun!

What to Expect:

Training in all the variety of Nerf Guns (age appropriate, of course)

Tactical Movement

Movement Under Nerf-bullet Fire

Nerf Marksmanship

Nerf Shooting Games

Team Building Games

Attacking and Defending Strategies for Nerf Battles

Nerf Sniper Training

Epic Nerf War


Gun Modification

 (Modding) Camp

Boy & Girls 7yr and up

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind, hands-on camp for Boys & Girls ages 8 and up. (We are the only one's crazy enough to do this!)

Using the Nerf gun selected for that camp, the kids will be taught how to modify the gun to make it shoot faster and with more “oomph”!  The campers will be taking the Nerf guns apart, reassembling them, and finishing them off with their own custom design.  All materials will be supplied and the campers get to bring their customized Nerf gun home at end of camp! 

What to Expect:

Advance Nerf Weaponry

Learn about the best Nerf Guns to modify (Beginner to Advanced)

Learn what supplies you need to mod your Nerf guns

Learning how to safely take Nerf Guns apart

Mechanics of the Nerf gun

Modifications of the specific Nerf gun

Designing the paint and outside additions 

Different painting techniques

Nerf Gun testing - before & after modifications

Access to our Nerf Shooting Range and our Nerf gun arsenal 

Finished off with an EPIC Nerf Battle! 

Go Home With:

Certificate of Completion: “1 CNR Nerf Gun Specialist”

Customized Nerf Gun

9am to 3pm

Limited Space each gun camp has max spots 

Minimum of 6 to run camp

Camps Run 2 Days