Misty Shearer

To meet her is to know her - what you see is what you get.  Misty pulls no punches and provides all the skill, support and direction anyone would need to succeed in their goals in the gym.  Misty is one of a handful of women in North America who holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is undeniably the most decorated Kettlebell Sport competitor in Canada. 


Misty spent 18 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Police Officer and a Combat Engineer.  She was the first Non-Commissioned female in Canada to receive her status as a Combat Diver - an elite designation that requires some of the greatest skill and determination anyone in the Armed Forces can muster.  Misty is still a casual Paramedic with the City of Edmonton - taking lives in the gym, saving lives on the street.  ;)

Being married to a police officer, Misty has a soft spot for people in the process with the Edmonton Police Service or other police agencies.  Misty has had a hand in training and physically preparing several police officers who are currently in the process with EPS and who are currently on the street here in Edmonton. 

Misty has competed at local, provincial, national and international levels in sports such as rugby, broomball, wrestling, kickboxing and boxing, to name a few.  Most recently, Misty has competed internationally in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kettlebell Sport.  Don't let her tough-as-nails exterior fool you.  Misty has one of the biggest hearts in the business.  She'll give you everything she's got to make sure you are the best you can be. Your success is her success.


Head Coach of 'Brazil 021 Edmonton' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

1st Degree BJJ Black Belt - awarded in 2012 by Heitor Abrahao, confirmed by Andre Terencio & Hannette Staack in 2014

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt - awarded in 2009 by Rodrigo Munduruca 

Can - Fit Pro FIS Instructor 

Training for Warriors Level 2

Training for Warriors Level 1

RGSI Kettlebell Sport Coach (PROFESSIONAL) LEVEL 5

RGSI Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 1

WKC Kettlebell Fitness Coach

WKC Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning Coach

WKC Kettlebell Sport Judge

Certified Macebell Mauler 

TRX Group Fitness Instructor

Some accomplishments include:

2016 AKA Texas Kettlebell Classic Women's Overall Longcycle Champion

2016 AKA Texas Kettlebell Classic 24kg Longcycle Gold

2016 AKA West Coast Kettlebell Classic Women's Overall Longcylce Champion

2016 AKA West Coast Kettlebell Championships 28kg Longcycle Gold Medal

2015 IUKLWorld Championships, Dublin Ireland, 68kg+ Snatch 16kg Amateur  and Vetren 45-49yr Double Gold Medal *NEW CANADIAN RECORD 225*

2015 IBJJF Masters Women's Heavyweight & Absolute Champion 

2015 Member of Team Canada for IUKL Kettlebell World Championships

2015 IBJJF Chicago Open - Women's Blackbelt - Gold Heavyweight - Silver Absolute

2015 CKA/IUKL Canadian Kettlebell Nationals - Gold - *Canadian Record 16kg Snatch (209 reps)

2015 West Coast Kettlebell Championships - Gold -*Canadian Record  24kg Longcycle (123 reps)

2014 IBJJF Chicago Spring Open - Gold Womens Blackbelt Open

2014 AKA/IUKL Las Vegas Cup - Gold - *Canadian Record 28kg Longcycle (72 reps)

2014 AKA/IUKL Candidate for Master of Sport - Biathlon 

2013 AKA/IUKL USA Nationals Gold medal - 24kg Longcycle, Silver medal in 24kg Snatch

2013 AKA/IUKL Master of Sport - Longcycle

2013 AKA/IUKL Candidate for Master of Sport - Snatch

2013 RGSI Candidate for Master of Sport - Biathlon

2013 RGSI Master of Sport - Longcycle

2013 IBJJF Pan Am's Open Women's Blackbelt Middle Weight - Bronze medal

2012 WKC World Champion 18kg Biathlon

2012 WKC Candidate of Master of Sport Biathlon

2011 WKC World Champion Longcycle

2011 WKC Kettlebell Sport - Master of Sport - Longcycle

2011 WKC S-32 Strongwoman Longcycle - 32 repetitions *Canadian record 

2010 WKC S-20 Strongwoman Biathlon

2009 Abu Dhabi World BJJ Championship North American Trial Winner

2009 and 2008 Grapplers Quest, Las Vegas Women's Gi and No-Gi Winner

1998 Senior Womens Boxing Nationals - Silver medal

1998 Senior Womens Wrestling Nationals - Bronze medal

1996 WKA & CMTF Women's Lightweight Kickboxing Champion

1992 - International Law Enforcement Games - Silver - Toughest Cop Alive

1990 - International Law Enforcement Games - Gold - Toughest Cop Alive