Kettlebell Fundamentals I Workshop

This is a Workshop NOT a Certification

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We chose to create a workshop and not a certification for a number of reasons. There are a number of faults with many certifications, and it's not necessary to have one to teach or use kettlebells effectively . Our emphasis is to teach a few progressive lifts, master and provide corrections for those lifts in order to correct mistakes and avoid injuries. In addition we're teaching supplementary exercises/stretches that will improve strength, flexibility and improve all the lifts.

Why Certifications are not always best:

The intimidation factor - if someone just wants to learn kettlebells to improve his/her technique may not want the full two-day 'cover every lift' certification.Or for the new Trainer/Fitness Professional information overload - most certifications simply bombard you with technique believing that quality is in the quantity and you walk away with a poor foundation of the exercises.

This Workshop is designed for Fitness enthusiasts, Weekend Warriors, Fitness Professionals & Trainers

Kettlebell Fundamentals I Workshop
TBA 2014
COST : $299.00
WERE: 4904-87st, Edmonton

*Focuses on the main fundemental kettlebell lifts and shows the different styles (we will not bombard you with technique) we want to make sure you have a solid foundation.

*Teaching you the most needed fundamental body weight strength exercises to strengthen your core and back

*Includes the 3 most beneficial stretches for kettlebell training

* Completion will entitle you to challenge CEC's AFLCA & Can Fit

* Manual and Video Access of all the exercises, stretches and holds

* Two instructors to ensure best student to participant ratio